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Mael Godinat Trio | Visuel Dunja Stanic

Tack Time!


Mael Godinat Trionyx



Mael Godinat: Piano

Manu Hagmann: Contrebasse

Nelson Schaer: Batterie


Un vinyle produit en 2014 par le label Moi J'Connais Records!


Blues, boogie, woogie, voodoo rythmes, et autres clins d'oeil

aux jazz du siècle passé.


The geometric tension in boogie-woogie jazz can become a tortuous and arduous affair when left in uncertain hands. Where some struggle, others delight!

Trionyx’s muse is not one to fail here, and it’s just as well. The trio is like a natural extension of the arm, a snap of the fingers to the rhythm, on beats two and four… Three friends get together to rekindle the jazz of your teenage years, or rather your parents’ teenage years, or even the teenage years of your grandparents, come to think of it. Remember the beaming pianists on the cover of old records? Beaming, grinning or smirking, whatever! Light-hearted and ivory-fingered pianists such as Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Clark and Bud Powell…

Tack Time ! encapsulates North American jazz, with a touch of dance floor swing, mystical musings and voodoo beats. Manu Haggman and Nelson Schaer provide an emphatic backdrop, while Maël Godinat softens the hard edges. Coyly arranged, the music sways softly through a series of delicate and appealing swinging melodies throughout this deluxe 10” EP – a 21st release on Moi J’Connais Records that will thrill even the less ecstatic.

Step into the record and fan out your toes with the breezy Out of the fields. Enjoy the dreamlike charm of the Cantaloupe islands with Boogaloo, and drift off to Nelson’s relaxed 4-beat rhythms. Naïva – which cheekily thumbs its nose at Coltrane – will then whisk you away to the 1950s, to a time and place where jazzmen changed the world. The B-side begins with the flamboyant Boogie, as easy as pie and as twisted as a Monk solo. Then comes the lysergic Chillin’, where Nelson’s brushes and Manu’s strings give free rein to the pianist’s atmospheric dizzy spells before the final flourish, the carnivalesque and Bo Diddley-inspired Voodoo…

Take a stroll through time, past and present, and enjoy the vintage flavour and the breath of fresh air, the live recording and the analogue mix, the breezy wake-up call that will rattle your sails and push you towards the open sea!

Dear friends, don’t fret, don’t panic: this is jazz to boogie to!

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