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Ganesh Geymeier: Saxophone ténor
Robin Girod: Baby bass, guitare
Mael Godinat: Piano
Fabien Iannone: Contrebasse
Baba Konaté: Percussion
Nelson Schaer: Batterie, compositions

Quand les chemins se croisent et que les rythmes se répètent à l’infini dans une transe continentale, c’est l’Orage qui gronde. Les beats se disloquent et les thèmes brouillent les cartes du monde. Dans les nuages d’un ciel de fin d’été, les amitiés de longue date s’emmêlent dans un courant ascendant. Mélodies atmosphériques et pulsations magnétiques pour une musique foudroyante!!!

En 2022, L'Orage sort son deuxième album "Triangle" :

L'ORAGE lead by the drummer Nelson Schaer comes up with Triangle a second album that raises the atmospheric pressure.

Somewhere in the clouds, the music of L'Orage combines rhythms and polyrhythms with strong spiritual melodies. Ganesh Geymeier's lyricism is magnified by a creative and powerful rhythm section composed of Nelson Schaer and Fabien Iannone.

Triangle is a 100% analog album recorded and mixed on a eight-track tape recorder.

Bandcamp New & Notable

« A feast of bleary horns & big beats »

Dave Sumner, The best jazz on Bandcamp

« These melodies are sunbeams breaking through storm clouds. The rhythms, insistent and enchanting, act as both a driving force and an invitation to groove »

UK Vibe, Imran Mirza, rating 5/5 -> Read more

« The exciting prospect of L’Orage is the notion of three distinctly different and unique voices creating something so brilliantly and effortlessly cohesive that it reflects each of their varied personalities and characteristics »

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